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Resort Amenities

So much to do, so little time!

We offer an array of amenities at the resort. Many at no extra cost to you. Keep reading below for more information or click on the following link to view our hotel services.

The property is complete with 150 rooms, 3 swimming pools, spa, restaurant, bar, a full size waterpark, and the largest fitness center in the destination. Additionally, enjoy free WiFi in the lobby and pool area. Click here to see all our amenities.

Beach access within 5 minute walking distance. Click here to find out more about Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo´s 17 beaches!

We also offer an array of services, many at no extra cost. From free parking to concierge service, we have an array of services to make your stay enjoyable and hassle-free.Click here to find out more!

Three Swimming Pools

Family Pool
Swim around and enjoy playing aqua-volleyball or aqua-basketball in the pool! Not much of a sports fan? Sit and order some drinks in the aqua bar served right in the pool.

Adult Pool
Take a dip in the pool or relax on the many sunshelfs while reading a book. Explore the area behind the waterfall or go around a palm tree island.

The Fun Pool
This pool is the exit to a huge 5 story high tobogan slide. See who can make it down the fastest! Great for all ages as the pool is only waist high.

Magic World Water Park

Magic World Water Park is a popular attraction for Ixtapa Palace’s guests. Placed in a Pirate Village setting surrounded by shops serving concession style food and refreshing beverages. A large pirate ship equipped with seven waterslides leads into a knee deep wading pool. A large lazy river surrounds the park while passing under brideges that connect the various sections of the park. Once could spend countless hours splashing around in the wave pool. A wonderful place to spend the day. Best of all it is fun for all ages.

Hours of operation are typically Tuesday - Sunday, 10am - 5pm. Please check with the front desk as hours may change throughout the year.

Fitness Center

Not your typical hotel gym. Ixtapa Palace is proud to sponsor the largest fitness center in the destination. Complete with Free Weights, Machines, Cardio bikes and treadmills. Additionally our own fitness instructors provide a variety of classes depending on the season. Some of the classes include Zumba and Yoga.

To complete our Fitness Center we also offer a tennis court, 2 squash/raquetball courts, and half a basketball court for those looking to shoot some hoops. All equipment may be checked out at the reception with an official ID.

Vita Natura Spa

There is a full range of activities to help improve your complete wellness. Ranging from aromatherapy, massages, meditation to Yoga. Spa Treatments. With massages, body treatments, reflexology, digitopuncture, and aromatherapy. All designed to enahnce your beauty and relaxation during your stay at the Ixtapa Palace Resort. Activities & Exercise including gym programs with specialized trainers, yoga, tai-chi, dancing, tennis, beach walking, pool activities and more!

Depending on the season, Vita Natura offers a menu of spa treatments ranging from nine different varieties of facials to body brush and polish, anti-aging, acne, hydrotherapy, therapeutic paraffin treatments, enzymatic sea mud pack treatments and more. Choose from a variety of rejuvenating therapies to rebalance and de-stress. We use pure marine extracts, essential oils, pharmaceutical grade cosmetics, botanical infusions, natural mud and sea salt to heal and soothe your body, promote the elimination of toxins and produce radiant, hydrated, smooth skin.

Que es? El temascal es un espacio conocido como "La Casa de Sudoracion", aunque dentro de la tradicion es considerada como "La Casa Sanacion".

Los Mayas Llamaban a este espacio Zintunché. Se busca relajar el Cuerpo y Desintoxificarlo, estimula el Sistema Linfatico y Tonifica la Piel.

Nopal Body Wrap
Rich in vitamin C and amino acids, this treatment will help replace fluids from the tissue back into the bloodstream, diminishing cellulite and fluid retention.

Cooling Mud Mask
Dry brushing with an ayate cloth is used to prepare the skin, followed by the application of an herbal mint mud mask.

Hibiscus & Papaya Mask
Improves skin structure and hydration, as it helps to reduce hyper-pigmentation.

Ayate Dry Brushing
Utilizing the age-old tradition of the ayate brush, hand-made from woven fibers of the maguey plant, this treatment helps to exfoliate the skin as the entire body is invigorated.

Agave(Tequilla)Salt Glow
Tequilla is a fermentation of the agave plant, known for its healing properties. Blended with salt and fresh lime, this treatment will cleanse and detox the body, creating a sense of renewal and vitality.

Organic Coffee Scrub
This detoxifying treatment, using locally grown and organic coffee, is rich in oils and vitamin E. This unique process will exfoliate as it rejuvenates the skin.

Avocado Body Polish
A mixture of avocado oil, sea salt and fresh lime creates the perfect cocktail for an invigorating scrub which exfoliates as it restores suppleness to the entire body.

Australian Gold Spray Tans (great for helping to prevent skin cancer & wrinkles; Your tan will last 5-7 days)

1 Tanning Session
2 Tanning Sessions
8 Tanning Sessions

We offer a wide range of exceptional facial treatments, combining the finest ingredients, minerals, and techniques to address a variety of needs. Our medical aesthetician also incorporates state of the art technology into her facial treatment, enhancing results even further. Our therapeutic facial treatments provide not only corrective benefits for your skin but also deep relaxation and relief from stress. Each treatment is tailored to meet your individual skincare needs by targeting specific concerns and helping to resort optimum skin health. A thorough consultation precedes your treatment so that we can ensure maximum results and make appropriate homecare suggestions that will prolong and enhance the benefits of your facial.

Cleansing Facial60 min./US$125
This deep cleansing facial includes a relaxing face massage, exfoliation, gentle steaming, extraction of impurities, toning and moisturizing. Décolleté and hand massage also included.

Collagen Crème and Paraffin Facial
This is an intense hydrating and nourishing treatment. You will see dramatic results from its firming and moisturizing qualities. Collagen is responsible for a youthful appearance which is why it is a necessary ingredient in the anti-aging process. Ideal for dehydrated, dry, wrinkled and mature skin.

Anti-Aging Facial
This rejuvenating facial concentrates on minimizing fine lines and wrinkles while simultaneously firming and tightening the skin. See skin that has lost its elasticity and suppleness bounce back with the use of our Soya protein and vitamin skin treatment. Ideal for mature, dry and menopausal skin.

Sensitive Skin Facial
This treatment was developed for those with the most sensitive, reactive and dehydrated skin. Your masque, while soothing and gently hydrating your skin, will also strengthen the capillary walls, minimizing everyday redness. Out bio-technical ingredients will soften and cleanse your skin without the "post-facial" redness. Ideal for sensitive broken capillaries, rosaceous and post-surgical clients.

Deep Pore Therapeutical Facial
Utilizing the science behind our medical grade cosmeceuticals, this facial will help treat oily and problematic skin. Alpha Hydroxy Acid, which helps dissolve dead skin cells and pure Vitamin C, an anti oxidant that helps fight off free-radicals and hastens the aging process are combined to help promote skin renewal. Ideal for oily, large pores, acneic and congested skin.

Men's Skin Optimizer Facial
Get your skin into peak condition! This deep cleansing facial addresses the specific needs of male skin such as razor irritation and ingrown hairs. Exfoliation and deep pore cleansing are followed with a relaxing massage to release stress and tension in face, neck and shoulders, and a cooling gel mask to hydrate and smooth the skin. You'll be a new man!

Massage restores vital energy, reduces stress and muscle tension and promotes a balanced body and state of mind. Our highly professional therapists will make sure you're completely comfortable, even if it's your first massage. All guests are completely draped to ensure privacy and comfort.

A special blend of aromatherapy oils are applied to help in relaxing muscular tension. Great for jet lag!

The Stone Massage
Working in harmony with various massage techniques, warm stones are placed in designated zones of the body to create a positive energy flow, reaching a deep and highly effective level of relaxation.

Reflexology Massage
Based on the ancient practices of Chinese medicine, this specialized form of massage stimulates various pressure points on the feet which correspond with specific organs or areas within the body.

Muscle Relaxation Treatment
(With massage)
This treatment focuses on specific stress areas. These specific areas are exfoliated, and then covered with a mud mask containing a special blend of oils to help penetrate deep within the muscles. This is followed by an invigorating massage to stimulate, warm and finally relax the muscles.

Detox Treatment
This Detox treatment will eliminate harmful toxins from the body. Following thorough exfoliation, a detoxifying mask is applied to the entire body. Later, a special blend of oils is rubbed into the skin to stimulate circulation and aid the body of ridding itself of wastes and toxins.

Seaweed Body Treatment
This treatment works on slimming and moisturizing the body. Following a complete exfoliation, a blend of special oils is applied together with seaweed. The body is then wrapped in warm blankets, while a facial massage is gently performed. When treatment is complete, a moisturizing lotion is massaged into the skin for total relaxation.

Lavender Body Glow
Beginning with a lavender body wash, almond oil and lavender oil are massaged into the skin. Followed by a gentle cleansing shower, a refreshing lavender lotion is applied.

Sea Salt Glow
A combination of natural oils and sea salt is massaged into the skin to cleanse and exfoliate while increasing circulation. Great just before tanning.

Sunburn Treatment
The sunburned areas are first gently cleansed. Next, a special blend of calming oils and creams are applied which immediately reduce inflammation and pain. This treatment will aid in turning your burn into tan!

Volcanic Mud Mask

The body is first exfoliated by a dry brushing, the followed with a local volcanic mud and eucalyptus essential oil to draw purities from the skin. This is followed with a light massage to complete the final touch!

Cleansing, shaping of nails, cuticle treatment, moisturizing and polish application. All manicures include a relaxing massage or hands and forearms.

Spa Manicure
Includes a full manicure plus exfoliation, hand and arm massage, followed by a warm paraffin dip to soften and aid in deep penetration of hydrating products.

Change of Polish
Includes removal of old polish, shaping of nails, moisturizing and application of new polish.

Cleansing, shaping of nails, cuticle treatment, moisturizing and application of polish. All pedicures include a relaxing massage of the feet and lower legs.

The Foot Mask
This treatment includes a full pedicure. The feet are scrubbed to increase circulation prior to the application of a lavender mask which helps to soften the soles of the feet. Next, plastic coverings and warm booties are applied to further increase circulation and promote penetration of the mask. Following removal, a massage with lavender and mint promotes further stimulation and total relaxation.

Spa Pedicure
Includes a full pedicure, plus exfoliation and a relaxing foot and leg massage, followed by a dip in warm paraffin wax, creating the ultimate softening and beautifying experience for tired and needy feet!

Miniature Golf

Practice your putting skills in this challenging 7 hole course. Go over and under bridges, through tunnels, around obstacles and steep inclines. Challenge your friends and family to a hole-in-one. There is no additional cost. All equipment may be checked out at the front desk with an official ID.

Tennis & Raqueball

Stay tennis fit even while on vacation. Hit the court to practice your serve and focus on footwork. There is no additional cost. All equipment may be checked out at the front desk with an official ID, or feel free to bring your own! Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo also has many tennis clubs available for a fee.

Pingpong and more!

Sharpen your skills with a friednly game of table tennis ... or maybe not so friendly if you are the competitive type! Located next to the kids playground and giant tobogan. There is no additional cost. All equipment may be checked out at the front desk with an official ID.


Tiburón de la Costa
Being minutes away from local fishermen, this seafood restaurant or "marisqueria" uses only fresh ingredients. The serve lunch and dinner. For a nominal fee you may also ask for room service. Tiburón de la Costa is located in the hotel´s Lobby. #1 Rated Restaurant on TripAdvisor.

Emilio´s Pizzeria
Some of our guests say these are the best pizzas they have ever tried. Don´t take their word for it. Go ahead and indulge in one of the wood smoked pizzas. Top 5 Rated Restaurant on TripAdvisor.

The Pool Bar
If relaxing in the pool while sipping an exotic beverage is your thing, then we have got you covered! Hours vary by season.