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About Ixtapa

The modern beach destination.

  • Ixtapa is a modern world-class destination that was designed and created from the ground-up by Fonatur (National Tourism Development Fund, a federal bureau that is in charge of developing and urbanizing new tourist destinations) in an old coconut plantation that was expropriated and began its developing in 1968.
  • Today, its constructions are modern or colonial-coast styles buildings with vast and well kept gardens and large residential areas that are located away from the hotel zone I (Ixtapa Blvd.) and hotel zone II (Playa Linda beach). Its bay is wide and it is one of the best places to view and admire spectacular and awesome sunsets.
  • Ixtapa has several colonial and modern style Malls interconnected by plazas and gardens which makes it very difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins. There, you´ll find many restaurants, bars, boutiques, shops, grocery markets, drug stores, etc. On the other side of the boulevard from the malls are the beachfront hotels with their typical restaurants and bars.
  • In Playa El Palmar beach you can partake on most water sports, including surfing in the area know as Las Escolleras.
  • At the end of the boulevard you will find La Marina de Ixtapa with capacity for more than 100 yachts, a golf course, stores, luxury houses, condominiums and a charming promenade along La Marina with cozy restaurants and bars overlooking the area. Nearby is Playa Linda beach and Playa Quieta beach with hotels on their shores.
  • Many people falls in love with Ixtapa... WE ARE SURE YOU WILL BE THE NEXT ONE!!


  • Zihuatanejo is a small town which still keeps its typical physiognomy and the friendly atmosphere of the old fishing village, that gives it that True Mexican Flavor.
  • The vivid downtown area has its traditional "tejabanes" (wood structures with terracotta tiles roofing) on all the sidewalks which continues giving the city an appearance and flavor of a very typical and old Mexican town.
  • The streets and sidewalks of the downtown area have been completely remodeled with stamped colored cement imitating the terracotta stone-tiles that were in its place for so many years. The unique design of the tejabanes are architecturally called as "Zihuatanejo´s Style". A style known in Mexico.
  • Many of the buildings have preserved the traditional tropical coastal appearance which makes our downtown area a nice mixture of the old with the modern look.
  • There are many cozy restaurants, boutiques, jewelry and silver stores, bars, hotels from one star to special category, tourist markets, and much more. You will not see any tall buildings (five stories max). The city code was created to preserve Zihuatanejo´s traditional village look.
  • Every year the picturesque and sheltered Zihuatanejo´s bay is visited by more than 50 Pleasure Cruise Ships as by sailboats and private yachts from many nations.
  • We were a stop-over port for TV´s "The Love Boat" series back in the 70´s and 80´s. In real life, the famous "Pacific Princess" of the Princess Cruises Line stopped in Zihuatanejo for many years and helped put Zihuatanejo on the map.
  • The downtown area known as "El Centro" is great for walking and browsing, as it is the Paseo del Pescador, a brick-paved beachfront promenade that goes along Playa La Madera and Playa Principal beaches up to the Pier with many restaurants on its way.
  • Zihuatanejo is also very famous for its great fishing (sailfish, etc.), its diving and snorkeling, and it is a place where you can practice and enjoy most water sports.
  • All beaches within our bay, Playa Principal, Playa La Ropa, Playa La Madera and Playa Las Gatas are very safe for the very young to the very old.
  • In spite of progress and inevitable modernization, the city preserves its origins and roots, up to now, Zihuatanejo has been able to retain most of its look, its charm, its traditions, its friendliness and those sincere smiles of our people... Not many destinations can say that!!!

Ixtapa´s Beach Certification

A place to admire spectacular sunsets.

Alongside the Pacific Ocean, specifically Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, lies the El Palmar Beach, which is the largest certified coast of the country and the only one with this certification in the state. It is the most famous beach in all of Ixtapa, because of its soft and golden beaches from where you will be able to admire spectacular sunsets. It was given this name because there was a large plantation of coconut palms in this place.

Why was it certified?

This beach has been certified as a Clean Beach by the Mexican Institute of Standardization and Certification because of the quality of its waters and the protection of biodiversity, among other 54 variants. With its certification, this beach with a tourist vocation is forced to maintain its commitment to the environment so that visitors and locals will be able to enjoy this paradise. Some of the beach’s restrictions to help with its conservation are not introducing any kind of glass or Styrofoam (polystyrene) containers; no camping or cooking on the beach; not bringing animals, littering, no riding on vehicles using fuel and not playing outside the assigned areas.

What are the activities in which I can participate?

In El Palmar you can participate in all kind of water activities such as windsurfing or enjoy the extensive seafood menu. You can also enjoy the amenities and services of the main hotel zone of Ixtapa which faces the open sea and from where you will be able to admire the most beautiful sunsets. The area has five-star and major tourism hotels, and there are many restaurants, bars, lease of aquatic sports items and much more. At one end of the beach lies “Las Escolleras” next to the “Ixtapa Marina” where you can go surfing almost all year round.

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